Thursday, October 4, 2012

Phillip Frankcombe: "Bhoomi Devi'

Exhibition 4-17 October
Artist's statement
The intention in these paintings is to show Mother Nature or the Earth Goddess's ( Bhoomi Devi in Sanskrit) creation, energy and creativity. Landscape painting being a very old but still relevant artistic expression; a traditional appreciation of the land we are from and live on. Mother Nature is a physical and beautiful result of this creative energy which has made us and which is so generous and bountiful.  Hopefully these paintings are a humble offering to something greater than ourselves.
The paintings can be of various sizes, combinations and styles but with the same visual intention in mind. Stretched canvas, both mounted canvas boards and MDF have acrylic gesso ground with acrylic paint as the first colours and then oils. Combinations of colours are used as a constant reminder of the light and a clear varnish gives life and shine to the colours.

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