Yulia Szalay

Born in Hungary, I came to Australia as a refugee emigrant.

After 25 years as a designer, dressmaker I enrolled in 1994 at The Centre for Arts at the University of Tasmania.  Here I discovered ceramics and instantly fell in love with it.

I completed my degrees - Bachelor of Fine Art and Masters of Fine Art and Design in 2001 and have exhibited widely since, in solo exhibitions and numerous group shows in Tasmania and interstate.

My passion is decoration, creating intricate designs on slipcast forms through piercing, carving, incising etc..

My material is mainly Southern Ice Porcelain that I love for its translucency, whiteness and sheer elegance.

You can see my sculptural rendering of a classic Australian garment, the Drizabone coat, on the Drizabone Facebook page:  www.facebook.com/drizabone.aust