Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tina Burman

Linocut by Tina Burman

From 21st Feb to 13th March, catch paintings and prints by Tina Burman in Off Centre's microgallery window.  Tina has a College Certificate of Education in Art Production and Life Drawing from Hobart College, and has completed a Tafe Tasmania Diploma of Art Craft and Design specialising in printmaking.  Tina works in linocut, collagraph, lithography, charcoal, graphite, pastels, and oil paints, and has also studied bookbinding and framing.

She writes:  'I intend to indulge in my passion of creating, making and experimenting with various shapes and forms that intrigue me.  It is what artists put in of themselves that makes their individual efforts original and unique.'

Linocut by Tina Burman
Pastel by Tina Burman

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

'Ink' - book illustrations by Gay McKinnon

If you're quick, you can catch an exhibition of original book illustrations by Gay McKinnon in Off Centre's microgallery window.  Gay recently illustrated 'The Smallest Carbon Footprint in the Land' by Tasmanian author Anne Morgan.  This exhibition features illustrations used in the book and describes the artist's sources of inspiration.  Showing from Feb 14th to 20th.
Book illustration by Gay McKinnon

Yulia Szalay and Junita Stevens

Ceramics by Junita Stevens
This February, Off Centre's large gallery window features new ceramics by Junita Stevens and Yulia Szalay.  Junita presents small animals - 'a little arty and a little weird & wacky' - and bright painterly work on leaf and mushroom sculptures for house and garden.  Yulia's timeless vessels exploit the translucency, whiteness and sheer elegance of Southern Ice porcelain, as well as the infinite colour variations of crystalline glazes.
Southern Ice porcelain by Yulia Szalay

Sunday, February 3, 2013

'In Retrospect' by Ian Hawkins

From 31 Jan - 13 Feb, catch Ian Hawkins' exhibition of rich, gorgeous collages in Off Centre's microgallery window.  Ian writes:
My works are pure self-indulgence.
My continuing love affair with the 'stage' and my years of involvement with retail display and the theatre (in front of and behind the footlights) designing and producing stage sets, costumes, props etc., has led me, quite naturally, to produce works that are richly embellished and highly theatrical.
I also abhor waste ... and that passion has helped me achieve a faux richness by using found and discarded objects and images within the criteria of collage.
For years I've collected resources en masse, including ...... laces, fabrics, buttons, broken china, jewellery, cards, stamps, shells, insects, feathers, braids and ephemera.  I like to 'push the envelope' and send things up, too!
Tasmania has become my muse; instrumental in enriching an dfiring my creative and artistic talents.
May I continue to be so inspired.

New member - Angela Blake

Off Centre welcomes new member Angela Blake, whose timeless jewellery is created using freshwater pearls, sterling silver, semi precious stones, lava beads and coral.  The beautiful 'Pinctada Maxima' oyster which is only found in the South Seas was the inspiration for Angela's highly successsful business MAXIMA.

 Angela is a keen traveller with an eye for the exotic, elegant and unusual and draws on the destinations she visits for inspiration.  Her design studio overlooks the Derwent River in Hobart. 
'From all my world travels, nowhere is quiet like Tasmania with its pristine environment, stunning surrounds and relaxed but privileged lifestyle.  I am very lucky to live and design here.'
As we welcome Angela, we farewell member ceramicist Kim Foale.  We will miss Kim, and wish her all the best for the future.