Saturday, October 19, 2013

Vicki McDonald "Wild Spaces" Tamanian Landscapes Paintings

From October 17th through the 31st Vicki  McDonald will be featured in the Micro Gallery at Off Centre. Vicki paints Tasmania landscapes in a tonal impressionist way. Vicki has had 8 solo exhibitions around Tasmania in the last 10 years. Her work is inspired both by the impressionist of the late 19th century and the unique Tasmanian environment with its unusual light effects. Come in for a look into this captivating world.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Exhibtion by Artist Sonia Strong

“Tazzie the Turbo Chook Finds Her Feet”

A Rhyming Picture Book by Sonia Strong 

 Tasmanians will know and love our state's native hen (affectionately known as the 'turbo chook'). "Tazzie The Turbo Chook" is a chicken with a difference. Join her on her journey of self discovery, meet the animals with which she shares her rural home and discover along with Tazzie, what's so special about turbo chooks!

This colourful hard cover book for ages 2-5 encourages kids to find their own unique talents, introduces some of our lesser known native wildlife and touches on the themes of self acceptance and responsible pet ownership. The book and its associated original artworks and prints will be available at the Off Centre Gallery between the 19th September and the 3rd October. "Tazzie the Turbo Chook" is Tasmanian artist Sonia Strong's first children's book, however her usual artistic pursuits also centre around wild landscapes and seascapes and our enigmatic birdlife. More of her work can be viewed at

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

FLOWERS by Jude Maisch

      In this exhibition I focus on the image of the flower.

I come from several generations of garden lovers. My Grandfather had an incredible garden and used to win prizes in the shows with his blooms. Some of my earliest memories are picking flowers with my Grandmother in his garden.
My Mother was for many years in the Horticultural Society, and as a small girl I used to exhibit in the shows my floral saucers.
A bed of sand was put in the saucer, and into this concentric rings of tiny florets and petals, radiating from the middle, which was usually something like an individual floret from a hydrangea. The outer circle was often a tiny ring of forget-me-nots or sweet alice.
I have moved on from floral saucers, but I am sure that this is where the seeds were sewn for my love of pattern and decoration.
My first pottery classes in the 70’s, and then Art School in the 80’s did not focus on painterly decoration.  It was a Potters’ Society workshop in the late 80’s that introduced me to colour and when Off Centre first started I was almost solely working in the maiolica style, with coloured decoration over a white glaze. One of my favourite ranges of tableware had mugs, bowls and platters with bold petal imagery dancing across the surface.
Now I have moved away from my early patterned maiolica of the 80’s and 90’s, to a variety of modes of decorating.  I combine prints with coloured underglazes. I enjoy cutting and assembling the prints as if I was working on a patchwork quilt. Many of these prints are floral, so I can cover my platters with hundreds of petals.
My love of felting is an integral part of my art practice. I make scarves using dyed merino fleece, and the bold colours give me a wonderful palette with which to work. The process involves laying out the wool fibres in a methodical, labour-intensive way, spraying with soapy water, and a lot of rubbing, rolling and tossing until the felt fabric is created and shrunk. My felts in this exhibition are inspired by my garden, the colours of Spring, and the beauty of the flowers.
JUDE MAISCH, September 2013.

SPRING by Jude Maisch

My blue and white tableware comes to life this Spring
Buds and blooms abound, just as in my garden.
My quandary in Spring is whether to spend time in my garden or in my studio.  I try and make time for both!!
As I work in my Lindisfarne studio I look out onto daffodils, snowdrops and violets, and brushing against the window is a bountiful lemon tree.
Gardens and flowers have always played an important part in my life, and this has influenced my decoration.  A patchwork of floral imagery plays across the surfaces of my Spring pottery.

                                                          Jude Maisch
                                                          September 2013

Monday, August 26, 2013

Spring is coming and the Birds have landed in the forest at the Micro Gallery Just in Time for Fathers Day.

The Birds of Campo De Flori Ceramics By Lisa Britzman are featured in the Micro Gallery at Off Centre for the next two weeks, August 22- September 5th.  If you are in Hobart come by for a peer into this special forest that has emerged from the bush of Glen Huon.
New Ceramic Art Pieces feature Bird Wind chimes, Wind catchers, Vases, Bowls, Bird Houses, Bird Sculptures, Bird Brooches and the fundraiser for the Orange Bellied Parrots continues with more Orange-bellied Parrots art pieces.
Orange-Bellied Parrot sculptures

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Jude Maisch will be participating in the Australian Ceramics Open Studio Day August 17 & 18, 2013. If you are interested in seeing where this member creates all her beautiful work, stop by her home studio on one of these days.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Micro Gallery Display by Junita Stevens

For the next two weeks  Junita Stevens is showcased in the Micro Gallery with her collection of  bright painterly work on leaf sculptures for house and garden along with her arty and  wacky little garden animals. Come by for a peer into this micro garden in the Window.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Calling on Emerging Artist

Did you know that OFF CENTRE has a Micro Gallery Space available to hire for emerging artist? Prime window location in the thriving Salamanca Art District. If you are a new artist wanting to take that first step of selling your quality art work, then please come talk to us at OFF CENTRE. You can pick up an application form and our curator Silvia McClay will be in touch. You can call for information  on 6224 8075 during business hours 10-4 daily.

Orange-Bellied Parrot: Lisa Britzman

During July, Lisa Britzman's window display features her new work "Orange-Bellied Parrot" This new work which consist of Bowls, hanging pine cone bird catchers, brooches and necklaces was created to help raise awareness and funds for the Endangered Species Orange-Bellied Parrot.

This Bird is one of only two migratory parrots in the world. This small Tasmanian bird is critically endangered. Every spring the birds migrate to the Southwest of Tasmania from coastal Victoria & South Australia to breed. Last year 10 breeding pairs returned to Malaleuca and fledged 24 chicks. To help prevent extinction, captive bred populations have been established at Healesville in Victoria, the Adelaide Zoo and in Hobart. These captive bred birds are regularly released into the wild. A dedicated band of professional biologist assisted by a large group of volunteers continues the fight to save this beautiful bird from extinction. $10.00 of your purchase of an Orange-Bellied bird art piece will help contribute to keep these birds from extinction. Funds raised will go to support the captive release program in Tasmania. Current works for sale can be found in the window at the Off Centre Gallery In the Salamanca Arts centre in Hobart.  

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Special Occasions : Jude Maisch

Special Occasions

Jude Maish has created cups and saucers especially for Mother's Day based on her favourite family heirloom cups and saucers.

During May Jude Maisch's window display features her new work "Leafy Retro", based on her favourite family heirloom cups and saucers. Coupled with this are pieces from her "Blue & White" tableware range, from teabowls to large slab platters.

Monday, April 15, 2013

'Myrtle Beech' by Georgina Richmond

From Friday April 19th to Wednesday April 24th, Off Centre is delighted to show 'Myrtle Beech', an exhibition of oil paintings by Georgina Richmond.  Georgina has a BA (Hons) in Fine Art and has been painting in oils since she was a teenager.  Georgina exploits the richness and texture of her chosen medium to capture the ever-changing landscape of Tasmania.  She has had numerous solo shows in Hobart, and has twice been a finalist in the John Glover Prize for landscape.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

'Revisited' by Robyn Davies

Between 29 March and 17 April, don't miss Robyn Davies' quirky textile jewellery, referencing vintage crocheted doilies, in Off Centre's gallery window. Robyn writes: 

I taught home economics and textiles in secondary schools both in NSW and Tasmania for many years.  As well I have had interesting positions in health promotions since moving to Tasmania.  Although my professional life was fulfilling I have always “needed” to create.  Creating by “Revisiting” garments; wool; yarns; buttons and working with vintage doileys keeps me out of mischief, or actually it is a delicious mischief.

After many years creating, I have finally come to terms with and am able to accept and call myself a textile artist.  My latest work involves “Revisiting” vintage crocheted doileys to create unique jewellery.  The doileys are carefully cut out, then they are painted or hand dyed, hardened and sealed. The process is time consuming and slow but the three dimensional effect is worth it.
I turn the vintage doileys into interesting and unique earrings; single, triple or multi-doiley necklaces. I hope you enjoy my vintage doiley jewellery pieces as much as I enjoy creating them.


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ceramics by Jennifer Ramsden

Ceramics by Jennifer Ramsden

Don't miss Off Centre's current exhibition of new works by Jennifer Ramsden.  Jennifer's serenely beautiful white and blue ceramics are carved into a myriad of natural forms.  She writes:

My inspiration for these pots comes from Antarctica.  I have tried to interpret the contrast of colours, the shapes of icebergs, pack ice, water drops, and ice shards.

Ceramics by Jennifer Ramsden
From March 14 to 27, in Off Centre's microgallery window.

Ceramics by Jennifer Ramsden

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tina Burman

Linocut by Tina Burman

From 21st Feb to 13th March, catch paintings and prints by Tina Burman in Off Centre's microgallery window.  Tina has a College Certificate of Education in Art Production and Life Drawing from Hobart College, and has completed a Tafe Tasmania Diploma of Art Craft and Design specialising in printmaking.  Tina works in linocut, collagraph, lithography, charcoal, graphite, pastels, and oil paints, and has also studied bookbinding and framing.

She writes:  'I intend to indulge in my passion of creating, making and experimenting with various shapes and forms that intrigue me.  It is what artists put in of themselves that makes their individual efforts original and unique.'

Linocut by Tina Burman
Pastel by Tina Burman

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

'Ink' - book illustrations by Gay McKinnon

If you're quick, you can catch an exhibition of original book illustrations by Gay McKinnon in Off Centre's microgallery window.  Gay recently illustrated 'The Smallest Carbon Footprint in the Land' by Tasmanian author Anne Morgan.  This exhibition features illustrations used in the book and describes the artist's sources of inspiration.  Showing from Feb 14th to 20th.
Book illustration by Gay McKinnon

Yulia Szalay and Junita Stevens

Ceramics by Junita Stevens
This February, Off Centre's large gallery window features new ceramics by Junita Stevens and Yulia Szalay.  Junita presents small animals - 'a little arty and a little weird & wacky' - and bright painterly work on leaf and mushroom sculptures for house and garden.  Yulia's timeless vessels exploit the translucency, whiteness and sheer elegance of Southern Ice porcelain, as well as the infinite colour variations of crystalline glazes.
Southern Ice porcelain by Yulia Szalay

Sunday, February 3, 2013

'In Retrospect' by Ian Hawkins

From 31 Jan - 13 Feb, catch Ian Hawkins' exhibition of rich, gorgeous collages in Off Centre's microgallery window.  Ian writes:
My works are pure self-indulgence.
My continuing love affair with the 'stage' and my years of involvement with retail display and the theatre (in front of and behind the footlights) designing and producing stage sets, costumes, props etc., has led me, quite naturally, to produce works that are richly embellished and highly theatrical.
I also abhor waste ... and that passion has helped me achieve a faux richness by using found and discarded objects and images within the criteria of collage.
For years I've collected resources en masse, including ...... laces, fabrics, buttons, broken china, jewellery, cards, stamps, shells, insects, feathers, braids and ephemera.  I like to 'push the envelope' and send things up, too!
Tasmania has become my muse; instrumental in enriching an dfiring my creative and artistic talents.
May I continue to be so inspired.

New member - Angela Blake

Off Centre welcomes new member Angela Blake, whose timeless jewellery is created using freshwater pearls, sterling silver, semi precious stones, lava beads and coral.  The beautiful 'Pinctada Maxima' oyster which is only found in the South Seas was the inspiration for Angela's highly successsful business MAXIMA.

 Angela is a keen traveller with an eye for the exotic, elegant and unusual and draws on the destinations she visits for inspiration.  Her design studio overlooks the Derwent River in Hobart. 
'From all my world travels, nowhere is quiet like Tasmania with its pristine environment, stunning surrounds and relaxed but privileged lifestyle.  I am very lucky to live and design here.'
As we welcome Angela, we farewell member ceramicist Kim Foale.  We will miss Kim, and wish her all the best for the future.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Feathers, Fur, Fins and Friends

Sculpture by Karen Scott-Hoy
KAREN SCOTT-HOY is an interpretative woodcarver, working entirely by hand using age-old techniques, a mallet and chisels, to create in Huon pine original “one-off” works of art. Salvaged, weathered Huon pine has its own unique character and blemishes which enhance rather than detract from the beauty of the finished work as the artist uses the rhythm and flow of the natural wood to give the carving its motion and action. Hence Karen often incorporates the grey oxidized timber, sap and cracks into the finished carving believing that they show, like the swirling golden grain, the struggles that this unique Tasmania timber has undergone during it’s long, slow growth period.  Further, its allows the viewer to see where the wood has been and what it has become. Many of the carvings encourage the viewer to move beyond the fragrance, feel and focus of the sculpture into the realms of his/her own imagination, memories and emotions to find their own story within the carvings.

This exhibition includes both larger carvings to be hung on walls and smaller more intimate and tactile objects, drawing inspiration from the beautiful world of feathers, fur, fins and friends around us!

Karen lives with her husband and two dogs on the beautiful North West Coast of Tasmania.  You can find her work in Off Centre's micro-gallery window from 3rd - 30th January.

Karen Scott-Hoy with her unique Huon pine sculptures

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Fish Magic - new sculptures by John Watson

John Watson's school of fish
This January, John Watson's complex, richly decorated ceramic sculptures are featured in our double gallery window together with the work of Jude Maisch (below).  John's dazzling and lifelike fish look ready to swim off with a flick of their tails.  Catch them before they disappear!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Summertime Blues - new work by Jude Maisch

Ceramics by Jude Maisch

Jude Maisch's new work is in the double window in January. She has called this collection "Summertime Blues".
It is a continuation of her "Blue and White" range, with a number of striking patterned platters taking centre stage in the collection. Images of shells and waves hark back to childhood.  Summers of beaches and shell collecting. The floral and abstract motifs are reminiscent of grandmother's tea-sets and patchwork rugs belonging to childhood long and lazy Summers at the shack (long gone).
Platter by Jude Maisch