Monday, December 10, 2012

New works by Kim Foale and NosMos

Cups by Kim Foale
Salt bowls by Kim Foale

This December, Off Centre features new work by members Kim Foale and creative team NosMos.  

Kim Foale lives in the hills in the Southern Midlands surrounded by dry sclerophyll forest. Foale takes inspiration from the things she sees every day and uses found objects to make marks in her work. Her limited edition sclerophyll cups have been made using bark from tall blue gums on her property.

"Off with the Fairies", watercolour by Rodney Alexander
NosMos present 'The Birds and the Bees' - original native bird watercolours by Rodney James Alexander and collectable jewellery pieces by Hiedi Limebeer.

Bee brooch in cut black/cream acrylic resin by Hiedi Limebeer
Blackwood wren brooch by Hiedi Limebeer

Monday, December 3, 2012

Free Range: glass by Andrea Harris

The hens are laying well this season.  And what is one to do with all those eggs?
My glass is functional, safe to eat from.   It’s created with a love of the medium – glass lets in light, it lets light pass through, it bends the light as it passes. Glass is a super-cooled form of silica.  A super-cooled liquid is a metastable liquid that has been cooled below its melting point.  Which make glass cool.  Super cool.  Glass.

Late night trading at Off Centre during December

This year Off Centre will be open for late night Christmas trading at Salamanca Arts Centre on Friday evenings (7th, 14th and 21st December).  Drop in after work, browse SAC shops and galleries, and enjoy free live music with Rektango in the courtyard.  Only in December, so don't miss it!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Gay McKinnon and Carolyn Toselli

'Cubist Tic Tac Toe', fused polished glass, Gay McKinnon
Ceramic fish platters, Carolyn Toselli

Throughout November, check Off Centre's large gallery window for new glass and ceramics by Gay McKinnon and Carolyn Toselli.  Gay McKinnon's playful glass games, blocks and platters exploit the brilliant colours and tactile qualities of kiln-formed polished glass while referencing the artist's scientific background.  Chromosomes, rock strata, geometric and intracellular forms all feature.  Ceramic artist Carolyn Toselli presents colourful, boldly decorative functional ware, jewellery and animal sculptures. 
Ceramic platter by Carolyn Toselli

Fused glass jewellery by Gay McKinnon

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Exhibition by Yulia Szalay

New ceramics by Yulia Szalay

Crystalline glazed ceramics by Yulia Szalay

From November 2 -14, check Off Centre's microgallery for Yulia Szalay's spectacular new collection of crystalline glazed ceramics.

Yulia writes:
'Crystalline glazing is a highly specialized, unpredictable, challenging and labour intensive process.  For crystals to grow in the glaze all the necessary conditions need to come together with accurate heat control of the firing crystals.  The kiln is first taken up to the glaze melting point (1280 - 1300 degrees Celsius) when it begins to flow down the surface of the pots.
At this point, crash cooling to 100 degrees Celsius is necessary to stop all the glaze running off the pots.  This means that each piece needs to sit on a pedestal with a disc underneath to collect the excess glaze.  From then on, the temperature is held fairly constant for 5-6 hours to enable the crystals to grow.  Slight variations in temperature rise and fall during this time can create rings and haloes and different effects.  Each firing produces different results, often many failures.  Each piece is therefore unique and unrepeatable.
The different colours are created by using various metal oxides in the base glaze mix of zinc, silica and frit.  Cobalt for blues, copper for greens, titanium for white, manganese for mushroom pink and so on.
The big part of the fascination to me is the mystery of never knowing what results will be achieved.  When it works, it's 'Christmas' and it's magic!

Crystalline glazed ceramics by Yulia Szalay

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Phillip Frankcombe: "Bhoomi Devi'

Exhibition 4-17 October
Artist's statement
The intention in these paintings is to show Mother Nature or the Earth Goddess's ( Bhoomi Devi in Sanskrit) creation, energy and creativity. Landscape painting being a very old but still relevant artistic expression; a traditional appreciation of the land we are from and live on. Mother Nature is a physical and beautiful result of this creative energy which has made us and which is so generous and bountiful.  Hopefully these paintings are a humble offering to something greater than ourselves.
The paintings can be of various sizes, combinations and styles but with the same visual intention in mind. Stretched canvas, both mounted canvas boards and MDF have acrylic gesso ground with acrylic paint as the first colours and then oils. Combinations of colours are used as a constant reminder of the light and a clear varnish gives life and shine to the colours.

See more of Phillip's work at:

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Endangered Species. Jude Maisch.

 There is an unprecedented unnatural extinction of many marine species, due mainly to irrational human behaviour and activities. While most of the focus of ecologists is on the larger species, it is the tiny sea creatures, the molluscs, that I wish to focus on. Every species, no matter how small, is special and unique.

As a child I was a shell collector, a gatherer of unusual shapes with intricate patterned and textured surfaces:  the discarded homes of tiny sea creatures. One of my most favoured was the cowrie, the glossy shell made by a sea snail. (There are about 200 different species of cowries, and they are endangered.) The discovery of such beauty amidst an expanse of sand, in a rock crevice or beside the water’s edge was always a moment of excitement and joy.

Now I find myself gravitating towards shell type forms as I squeeze and pinch the clay in my hands. What I am making are forms that represent these endangered molluscs, rather than imitations of them. The vessels focus on colour, pattern, texture and often tiny patches of incredible contrasting iridescence or pearl-like beauty. You are being asked to consider the beauty in every species, no matter how small, and to look carefully.


Jude Maisch
September 2012

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New work by Yulia Szalay and John Watson

Pierced Southern Ice porcelain vessel by Yulia Szalay
This month Off Centre features new ceramics by Yulia Szalay and John Watson
Yulia Szalay's passion is decoration, creating intricate designs on slipcast forms through piercing, carving, and incising.  Her material is mainly Southern Ice Porcelain, and her elegant vessels and sculptures fully exploit its stunning translucency and whiteness.

Sculptural ceramics by John Watson
John Watson's work references past civilisations, often in the form of towers and other buildings, and combines strong architectural forms with rich glazes of colour. 
You can view these works daily at Off Centre, from 10 am to 5 pm throughout September.

Friday, August 3, 2012

New works by Jude Maisch and NosMos

'Rose Robin' by Rodney Alexander

Throughout August, Off Centre features new works by Jude Maisch, Hiedi Limebeer and Rodney Alexander. NosMos, the creative team of Hiedi Limebeer and Rodney Alexander, exhibit stunning new jewellery and domestic wares in polished acrylic, together with their signature paintings of birds and Tasmanian animals. Jude Maisch's gorgeously decorated ceramics and felting celebrate nature's patterns and colours, with her "Floribunda" range of maijolica decorated tableware, and new scarves to warm your winter. 
Bookends by Hiedi Limebeer of NosMos

'Floribunda' table ware range by Jude Maisch
'Floribunda' table ware by Jude Maisch (detail)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

New work by Junita Stevens

Leaf platter by Junita Stevens
This week until Thursday 26th July, check Off Centre's microgallery window for new ceramics by Junita Stevens.  Junita's soft, rich glazes bring new life to traditional themes based on nature - birds, animals, leaves, fungi and "everything bright and beautiful'', including the reflections in a garden puddle after a shower.  From Thursday you can still find Junita's work inside Off Centre.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Kim Foale and Carolyn Toselli

Ceramic treasure boxes by Kim Foale
Sculpture by Carolyn Toselli
Throughout July, Off Centre's gallery window features unique ceramics by Kim Foale and Carolyn Toselli.  Carolyn is well known for her stylized animal sculptures and decorative functional ware.  Kim's work is made in direct response to the factory produced ceramics that you can find in any large department store.  She writes:
'I am not a machine. I deliberately leave fingermarks in the glaze, somewhere within my work and they are most evident at the base of my tall cups. My edges are uneven on purpose and I  put a lot of time and thought into each individual piece. I make one off original art pieces, generally with an environmental story to them. I fire in reduction as well as oxidation and I like to use stone or bone tools when I am working, as my clay responds better to these natural materials.'
Find out more about Kim on her personal blog

Bowl and jug by Kim Foale

Thursday, June 28, 2012

New works by John Watson

'Effandra' by John Watson

From June 29 to July 13, check Off Centre's micro-gallery window for John Watson's richly detailed sculptural explorations of other worlds and countries in ceramics and mixed media.
John writes:
While some of my work references past civilisations, often in the form of towers and other buildings, I’m also stimulated by science fiction, which prompts me to conjure up imaginary landscapes on planets yet to be discovered. Such is “Effandra” which pictures an aerial view of a riverside settlement on the planet Arcturus. “In the Great Hall” is part of a wall which provides a repository for religious artefacts maintained by Arcturan monks in a huge underground cavern.
“Oh, Kosovo” is part of my response to the trauma and sadness of the Bosnian conflict.

While ceramics has become my principal medium of expression, I love to combine it with other media…wood, stone, metal and various found objects.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Colour Lab

Off Centre's June display features spectacular colour effects in contemporary ceramics and glass.  Cherie Nicholson's pit-fired ceramics reveal a spectrum of soft, natural hues, while Gay McKinnon's polished glass blocks and platters exploit both transparent, saturated colours and strong opaques.  The exhibition continues until Sunday 1st July.

Glass platter and game by Gay McKinnon
Glass blocks by Gay McKinnon

Pit fired vessel by Cherie Nicholson

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rebecca Roth

Rebecca Roth offers Tasmanian handmade resin jewellery, art and contemporary design products.
Working exclusively with resin, from her studio in Salamanca Arts Centre, Rebecca's pieces are handcrafted with passion and care.  Her designs reflect a raw beauty inspired by the Tasmanian environment.  She has commissioned pieces for visitors from across the globe and continues to design exclusive, one-off pieces for clients.  As her range has grown, so too has the reach of Rebecca's jewellery, now distributed locally, nationally and internationally
Rebecca's jewellery will be available in The Off Centre Micro gallery whilst her alcove shop is being renovated.

For more information please visit Rebecca's website at

Friday, May 4, 2012

New works by Yulia Szalay and Junita Stevens

Throughout May, check Off Centre's large gallery window for new works by Yulia Szalay and Junita Stevens.  Yulia's delicate, perforated and laminated works in Southern Ice porcelain contrast with Junita's' quirky, earthy and autumn-inspired ceramics.  The exhibition continues until 30th May.  Paintings and drawings by Patricia Turner-Smith can still be seen until 9th May.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Park Beach to Paris: paintings by Patricia Turner Smith

From 26th April to 9th May, Off Centre will exhibit a selection of Patricia Turner Smith's lively colourful paintings of Tasmania’s coast and impressions of UK, Europe and Morocco from recent painting trips.

Patricia usually paints outdoors in the elements with figures adding a human touch.  The view of the sea from her studio overlooking Park Beach in SE Tasmania is an endless source of inspiration.

See more of Patricia's work at:

Monday, April 2, 2012

'Blue and White': new works by Jude Maisch

"Blue & White".
In the tradition of Delft, Willow Pattern and Auntie's collectables is the Off Centre Window Exhibition Space exhibition of Jude Maisch. Throughout April view her striking blue and white domestic tableware, a mix of Asian inspired and cottage garden.