Thursday, June 28, 2012

New works by John Watson

'Effandra' by John Watson

From June 29 to July 13, check Off Centre's micro-gallery window for John Watson's richly detailed sculptural explorations of other worlds and countries in ceramics and mixed media.
John writes:
While some of my work references past civilisations, often in the form of towers and other buildings, I’m also stimulated by science fiction, which prompts me to conjure up imaginary landscapes on planets yet to be discovered. Such is “Effandra” which pictures an aerial view of a riverside settlement on the planet Arcturus. “In the Great Hall” is part of a wall which provides a repository for religious artefacts maintained by Arcturan monks in a huge underground cavern.
“Oh, Kosovo” is part of my response to the trauma and sadness of the Bosnian conflict.

While ceramics has become my principal medium of expression, I love to combine it with other media…wood, stone, metal and various found objects.

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