Monday, July 2, 2012

Kim Foale and Carolyn Toselli

Ceramic treasure boxes by Kim Foale
Sculpture by Carolyn Toselli
Throughout July, Off Centre's gallery window features unique ceramics by Kim Foale and Carolyn Toselli.  Carolyn is well known for her stylized animal sculptures and decorative functional ware.  Kim's work is made in direct response to the factory produced ceramics that you can find in any large department store.  She writes:
'I am not a machine. I deliberately leave fingermarks in the glaze, somewhere within my work and they are most evident at the base of my tall cups. My edges are uneven on purpose and I  put a lot of time and thought into each individual piece. I make one off original art pieces, generally with an environmental story to them. I fire in reduction as well as oxidation and I like to use stone or bone tools when I am working, as my clay responds better to these natural materials.'
Find out more about Kim on her personal blog

Bowl and jug by Kim Foale

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