Jude Maisch

I have been playing with clay since the early 1980's.  My primary focus has been decoration and out of this grew the name 'Terrafiesta' which to me means "decorating the earth."  I make functional pottery and one of my decorative modes is maiolica glazed terracotta or white earthenware, with 12% gold lustre.
I also use porcelain which is either pinched or thrown, then water etched or decorated with oxide pencil.
I make a range of indigo blue glazed terracotta with various galzes layered to create horizons and mountains.
From buttons and tiles, to mugs, bowls and platters, my aim is to create work that people can enjoy using.
For the past 3 years I have also been a felter, creating patterned scarves and wraps incorporating stitching, silk and merino fleece.
In both mediums colour and pattern are paramount, patterns from nature being the primary inspiration.
I also teach adult education pottery and have childrens pottery classes from my home studio.