Sunday, March 31, 2013

'Revisited' by Robyn Davies

Between 29 March and 17 April, don't miss Robyn Davies' quirky textile jewellery, referencing vintage crocheted doilies, in Off Centre's gallery window. Robyn writes: 

I taught home economics and textiles in secondary schools both in NSW and Tasmania for many years.  As well I have had interesting positions in health promotions since moving to Tasmania.  Although my professional life was fulfilling I have always “needed” to create.  Creating by “Revisiting” garments; wool; yarns; buttons and working with vintage doileys keeps me out of mischief, or actually it is a delicious mischief.

After many years creating, I have finally come to terms with and am able to accept and call myself a textile artist.  My latest work involves “Revisiting” vintage crocheted doileys to create unique jewellery.  The doileys are carefully cut out, then they are painted or hand dyed, hardened and sealed. The process is time consuming and slow but the three dimensional effect is worth it.
I turn the vintage doileys into interesting and unique earrings; single, triple or multi-doiley necklaces. I hope you enjoy my vintage doiley jewellery pieces as much as I enjoy creating them.


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ceramics by Jennifer Ramsden

Ceramics by Jennifer Ramsden

Don't miss Off Centre's current exhibition of new works by Jennifer Ramsden.  Jennifer's serenely beautiful white and blue ceramics are carved into a myriad of natural forms.  She writes:

My inspiration for these pots comes from Antarctica.  I have tried to interpret the contrast of colours, the shapes of icebergs, pack ice, water drops, and ice shards.

Ceramics by Jennifer Ramsden
From March 14 to 27, in Off Centre's microgallery window.

Ceramics by Jennifer Ramsden