Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mosaic Kitchen

Sue Croger - Mosaic Artist.

Mosaic Kitchen Art Creations.

I create quirky mosaics from broken china, including bowls, cups, plates and other found objects like spoons, buttons, vases and old bits of furniture.

I frame the mosaics using old frames and other interesting things, such as old trays and window frames found in tips shops and op shops.

In some of my mosaics I plant succulents in them, which adds a whole new dimension and life to them.

I have mosaiced some chairs and tables and have put many different mosaics in exhibitions such as Art from Trash and the Art Society of Tasmania's gallery.

All of the materials I use are recycled and have been given a new life!

Exhibition is open seven days a week 10 am - 5pm.

January the 27th - February the 23rd.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Street Banana Exhibition

Sean Anderson and Chase Shiel are the creative minds behind the Street Banana Exhibition.

Grand opening Tonight at the Off Centre Gallery
from 6-8 pm


Chase Shiel’s goal growing up was to be an aspiring sports journalist covering and reporting everything to do with football (soccer). His dream was then changed when he began to suffer with Chronic Fatigue for over twelve months in his teenage years.

It was through this illness that he found who he was, what his true passions were and what he wanted to do with his life.

Chase has traveled to other states in Australia to obtain professional training and pursue his dream to become a shoe designer. Chase has attended RMIT in Melbourne, Victoria, for shoe design courses and most recently travelled to Sydney where he trained under Andrew McDonald in professional shoe making and design. In Tasmania Chase has set up his working studio at his home. He works here at his best, designing, customizing and working on his goals for the future.

Chase ultimately wants to travel to Europe to work with major shoe designers to learn the art of shoe design and return to Australia with his own “YOU-nique” style.


Sean is an up and coming 19 year old artist, born and raised on Vancouver Island, Canada; now residing in Tasmania. Sean has been creating art since an early age, starting off by drawing on his math homework then progressing to various other mediums, including canvas, shirts, shoes and skateboards.

Sean’s art displays a quirky style, usually showcasing an “off centre” sense of humour and a unique take on modern culture. Sean is a speed drawer and his favourite art medium is Sharpie to blank paper. He is inspired by Russ Morland, another artist from Vancouver Island and Dillon Froelich, an artist from South Florida.

Sean has also ventured into the area of shoe design and has co-created the ‘moon boot’ design which is a derivative of the Nike AF1.

Sean is always drawing, or thinking about drawing and is really excited to finally display his artwork in a gallery. This is Sean’s first gallery space. Sean is a second year University student currently studying a BFA/BA degree. It is his dream to one day to design as a career.