Monday, December 10, 2012

New works by Kim Foale and NosMos

Cups by Kim Foale
Salt bowls by Kim Foale

This December, Off Centre features new work by members Kim Foale and creative team NosMos.  

Kim Foale lives in the hills in the Southern Midlands surrounded by dry sclerophyll forest. Foale takes inspiration from the things she sees every day and uses found objects to make marks in her work. Her limited edition sclerophyll cups have been made using bark from tall blue gums on her property.

"Off with the Fairies", watercolour by Rodney Alexander
NosMos present 'The Birds and the Bees' - original native bird watercolours by Rodney James Alexander and collectable jewellery pieces by Hiedi Limebeer.

Bee brooch in cut black/cream acrylic resin by Hiedi Limebeer
Blackwood wren brooch by Hiedi Limebeer

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