Sunday, February 3, 2013

'In Retrospect' by Ian Hawkins

From 31 Jan - 13 Feb, catch Ian Hawkins' exhibition of rich, gorgeous collages in Off Centre's microgallery window.  Ian writes:
My works are pure self-indulgence.
My continuing love affair with the 'stage' and my years of involvement with retail display and the theatre (in front of and behind the footlights) designing and producing stage sets, costumes, props etc., has led me, quite naturally, to produce works that are richly embellished and highly theatrical.
I also abhor waste ... and that passion has helped me achieve a faux richness by using found and discarded objects and images within the criteria of collage.
For years I've collected resources en masse, including ...... laces, fabrics, buttons, broken china, jewellery, cards, stamps, shells, insects, feathers, braids and ephemera.  I like to 'push the envelope' and send things up, too!
Tasmania has become my muse; instrumental in enriching an dfiring my creative and artistic talents.
May I continue to be so inspired.

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