Monday, January 7, 2013

Feathers, Fur, Fins and Friends

Sculpture by Karen Scott-Hoy
KAREN SCOTT-HOY is an interpretative woodcarver, working entirely by hand using age-old techniques, a mallet and chisels, to create in Huon pine original “one-off” works of art. Salvaged, weathered Huon pine has its own unique character and blemishes which enhance rather than detract from the beauty of the finished work as the artist uses the rhythm and flow of the natural wood to give the carving its motion and action. Hence Karen often incorporates the grey oxidized timber, sap and cracks into the finished carving believing that they show, like the swirling golden grain, the struggles that this unique Tasmania timber has undergone during it’s long, slow growth period.  Further, its allows the viewer to see where the wood has been and what it has become. Many of the carvings encourage the viewer to move beyond the fragrance, feel and focus of the sculpture into the realms of his/her own imagination, memories and emotions to find their own story within the carvings.

This exhibition includes both larger carvings to be hung on walls and smaller more intimate and tactile objects, drawing inspiration from the beautiful world of feathers, fur, fins and friends around us!

Karen lives with her husband and two dogs on the beautiful North West Coast of Tasmania.  You can find her work in Off Centre's micro-gallery window from 3rd - 30th January.

Karen Scott-Hoy with her unique Huon pine sculptures

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