Monday, November 29, 2010

Sculptural Images by Julia Knight

Opening Friday the 3rd of December. 6-00pm

Sculptural Images

Works by Julia Knight.

After working full time for nearly thirty years in clerical and IT jobs I finally have taken the time to start exploring the things I really want in life. For those years sculpture and photography were rewarding hobbies. Now they are the focus of my life. I work both in images and forms, which is why Sculptural Images is such an apt name for my space. In every medium that I use I am trying to express my constant wonder in the abundance of forms that surround us. This exhibition is a way of sharing that experience with others.

Through my photographs I try to encourage the viewer to question what they see, to adopt a new perspective on the world. I love playing with light and the intersection between forms. I also enjoy sharing a very close view of the world.

My sculptures are very precious to me. When I sit and start to sculpt I connect with the energy of the living earth. I become immersed in the feel, the smell and the essence of the work. I love working with timber because there is a sense of helping a dream escape. When I finish a piece I may marvel at the rightness of curve and the sense of balance. It is not that the work is accidental but that the process has taken me outside my normal way of being. I often feel it is a privilege to be able to say I have created this work.

I hope you enjoy the exhibition.

Exhibition runs from the 2nd-15th of December.

Seven days a week from 10 am - 5 pm.

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  1. I'm so happy to see you doing this. What joy!