Sunday, December 26, 2010



Contributors of this exhibition are Jessica Lloyd, Lily Ormerod and Danny Szypura. A first exhibition by all three, it has been a culminations of some years of work, in acrylics on canvas and photography.

Jessica Lloyd’s creativity has been recently unleashed by putting paintbrush to canvas. In exciting ways, her works have evolved into interesting representations of life, energy and movement. Her enjoyment in painting is clearly seen in her art. Jessica’s experimentation in colours also evokes differing moods and emotions.

Lily Ormerod returned to brushes and paints after a long period of absence from the easel. Previously her works were considered as traditional landscapes, with her return to painting, there has been a change in direction to abstract works, and working with acrylics rather than oils. Lily’s themes embark on much attention to creating vibrant, exciting strokes with a focus on movement.

Danny Szypura has been an amateur photographer for many years. His travels has given him extensive opportunities to capture diverse images both in Europe and Australia. He has chosen his favourites for this exhibition. Visiting Tasmania regularly, he has taken this opportunity to show some of his works.

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