Monday, March 21, 2011

Isabelle Everhart’s slightly tenuous thought experiments to save the world

Isabelle Everhart’s

slightly tenuous thought experiments to save the world


10am - 5pm daily, March 18th to April 13th, 2011

Isabelle Everhart wants to make a difference in the world. She wants to help humanity and the planet transcend the myriad of challenges which they face. But she has become unsure about what her appropriate actions might be in a complex landscape and what inadvertent impacts she might cause in her well-meaningfulness.

For Isabelle is stretching into a beyond where her normal ways of making meaning of the world no longer seem to function very well. The dimensions of reality seem to be unfolding in front of her, calling for new ways of relating, being and thinking.

Isabelle finds herself needing to dissolve her scientific certainties and create different thought experiments about herself and her world. Multi-dimensional, tentative and fragile explorations which take into account spiritual and physical dimensions of being, which lay contradictions and world views bare.

She wonders if these excursions into new thinking spaces can help her lighten her path in the world…. or whether they are an excuse for insufficient action.

Isabelle could just sit and think. But she decides, despite the lack of clear cut answers, to take a leap of faith. She decides to experiment on different ways of being in the world. She decides to open her heart to the feedback the world gives her and engage the compass of her soul.

Perhaps in the trail of bubbles she leaves we can glimpse new imaginaries to help us be in the world in new ways. And then perhaps the world will be saved.

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